Friday, August 26, 2011

5 on Friday...

1. This will be my last post from my Dell PC. We purchased a couple of HP TouchSmart PC's at work and I purchased one for home. I LOVE the large screen and the fact that everything is built into the screen which means no tower and less wires. I'm anxious to get it up and running.
2. I have finally edited all my photos for WITL and I am in the process of choosing which photos to use for my album. I think I am just going to go a different route with the album instead of trying to change the date on the tabs that I purchased in 2010.  Those of you who offered to help with this, Thank you!
3. My sister and I are going here  this weekend. I'm excited, I love the scent of lavender.
4. My husband loved his Indy Car drive. His top speed was 166.11 mph. .......o-^-o
5. Here is a quick collage I put together in Picasa of him during the drive. I have alot of photos to edit...again! : )
Have A Happy Weekend,
Love & Hugs,

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Prompt #34: Happy...My Granddaughter and her friend jumping in a bounce house.I love the look on their faces.

Friday, August 19, 2011

5 on Friday...

1. I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with my friend Becky and her family last week. They moved to Florida a few years ago. We have been friends for 35 years and although we didn't spend alot of time together after we had kids (different schedules) we did talk often. We do not talk often enough these days and I need to change this ASAP!
2. There was a tragic accident at our State Fair during the Sugarland concert last weekend.You can read about it here. Please keep those afflicted by this in your thoughts and prayers.
3. I signed up for this FREE class a couple of weeks ago. I ordered the kit (less decision making on my part) and since I am home today I hope to get at least a few pages completed.
4. I'm headed here this weekend but not to see a race. My husband  (he feels the need...the need for speed) will be driving an Indy Car at speeds around 160 mph. (this is not the first time). I'll let you know how it goes next week.
5. I will also be attending a Fairy Princess party this weekend.  My sweet little Granddaughter will be turning 3 yrs. old...already!

Have a Happy Weekend,
Love & Hugs,

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Prompt #33: Crave...Opening the windows to let some fresh air inside. I'm not a big fan of air conditioning but it has been very hot for the last couple of months and the husband will not be without it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

5 on Friday...

1. My WITL album is slow going but I'm working on it. I purchased some of Ali's WITL items from Designer Digitals last year and I don't think the year can be changed on the tabs although I'm unsure as I do not have much experience with PSE and digital stuff. So I may have to come up with a new plan for my album. : (
2. I have been doing a little bit of scrapping. I almost completed an album I started in 2007 ( one page to go) and I also scrapped one LO last week. : )
3.After being retired for a whole 6 1/2 months the husband is back working full time and by full time I mean 6 to 7 days a week. Not fun!
4. These brooches are amazing and I'd love to have one. I'll have to keep my eye on her Etsy shop to see if and when they may be available for purchase. My denim jacket is begging for one. Really!
5. Work has been tough for the last few months but thankfully things are looking up. Still, I plan to take a few days off soon. My mind needs a break before I break.

Have a Happy Weekend,
Love & Hugs,


This weeks prompt is brought to you from the office supply cabinet.
Prompt #32: Round...The wheels inside a correction tape dispenser.

Friday, August 5, 2011

5 on Friday...

1. I have been busy editing photos for my WITL project. Decisions, decisions.  : )
2. I've also been working on a mini book I started in 2007. I just need to add the photos I printed last night and it will be done. : ) I'll share when its complete.
3. Its been a week or two since I used my T1i. I purchased this and must try it out. I hear it works quite well. We shall see!
4. I want to make one of these for someone. Isn't is cute. I love it.
5. Its make and take month at Archives. My sister and I will be stopping by tomorrow for a cute little make and take.

Have a Happy Weekend,
Love & Hugs,


Prompt #31: Yellow...I was so busy taking photos for my WITL project that I forgot to capture something yellow. Luckily this photo was in my WITL photos.  : )

Monday, August 1, 2011


WITL: was just Deuce and myself most of the day. The husband and Grandson went to the BY 400. I got alot of items checked off my to-do list which usually happens when the husband is out doing other things. I can hardly wait to start putting this album together but I've got alot of photos to edit first. I'd better get busy or this will be another item on my crafty to-do list.