Friday, May 11, 2012

Five on Friday...

1. My daughter introduced me to a new food site. Take a look. Lots of good for you yummies.
2. I've started exercising again...I really shouldn't talk about it because I will probably jinx myself.
3. I'm trying to be excited about NOT moving but the husband is being ho-hum about everything these days. We have drywall work and painting that he needs to take care of before I purchase new furniture.  At this point I'm just frustrated with it all!
4. I have plans to visit an Ikea store very soon but I have to go to another state to do so. I've considered ordering some items on line but their shipping costs are outrageous and some items cannot be shipped. BOO!
5. Mothers Day is this weekend. The kids are coming over to cookout. All I have to do is make a Texas sheet cake. : )   I wish you all a Happy Mothers Day!

Have A Great Weekend,
Love & Hugs,