Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Just A Minute In November...

Watching...the steps on my pedometer add up. ! Getting 10,000 or more most days.Yay! Just started using My Fitness Pay today. It's pretty neat!

Listening to...Pandora and my dog, he is very whiny these days.

Cooking...Lasagna, cookies and stuff I shouldn't be eating. I'm sure this will get worse with the Holidays coming up. 

Eating...small amounts of the above. 

Buying...a new Chi. My old, cheap drugstore iron is shot. And most likely a new iphone, mine keeps black screening on me. Ugh! Oh and a new external drive, mine somehow got reformatted, luckily my daughters friend can get my data off it for me. Yay!

Looking forward to...Craft fairs and the Holidays. My sister and I may do the drumstick dash. A 5K walk on Thanksgiving Day.