Friday, June 29, 2012

Five on Friday...

The Bedroom is painted! I love the new color.

My Grandson & I stopped by Pets Mart last week. I found something I wanted to bring home. However, I did not!

I've missed Don Williams music and was excited to receive his new CD last week. Keith Urban sings a song with DW on the CD.  It is AWESOME! I'll bet you are not surprised that I think so!

I tried some new eats at Cheeseburger in Paradise this week. Fish Tacos...they were yummy.

We NEED RAIN, the grass is dry, the flowers are dying almost as soon as they bloom, the leaves are falling off the trees in bunches, spiders are making webs right on top of the grass...everywhere and I do not like, firework shows for the 4th are being cancelled ( I Love Fireworks) and for some it's too HOT! But for me...I'm happy to finally not be cold! Our high temperature yesterday was 104 degree. It went up a bit after if did this screen shot.

Have A Great Weekend,
Love & Hugs,

P.S. I'll fix this mess later...blogger is giving me fits today!
Update...this is as good as it gets...blogger still giving me fits....argggh!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Twelve On The Twelth...

1. Breakfast 2. Reader 3. Potty Break
4. Check Scanner 5. NewI Pad 6. Lunch
7. Where I Work 8. Me 9. Cut Proof Gloves
10. The Road Home. 11. Amazon Order 12. Bedroom Ceiling

Friday, June 1, 2012

Five on Friday...

1. I think its safe to say that I've totally given up Diet Coke and Orange Juice. The OJ did help me to break my Diet Coke habit but it has alot of sugar and in the end I've decided that its not good for me either. This week instead of drinking OJ I'm eating an orange first thing in the morning, followed by a breakfast bar a couple of hours later and I've been drinking lemon water. And the best thing about all this is that I've cut out almost all snacking. I also seem to have more energy at the end of the work day so maybe I'm on the right track...Finally! Long time habits are hard to break but so far I've broken two, one being nail biting and the other being Diet Coke. Yea Me! : )
2. About that Sleep Number bed that we purchased a couple of months ago. I LOVE it, however I do wish we would have bought a king instead of a queen. Before sleeping in the new bed I was having some hip pain and I thought that I might have RLS but after a few nights in the new bed my hips and legs totally quit hurting. The husband, well he's never gonna be happy with any bed and I'll just leave it at that!
3. Here's a website with alot of good fashion advice, not that I'm a fashionista or anything but I think anyone the slight bit interested in fashion will enjoy it. Here's another good one. Enjoy!
4. I've been scrapping an album for a friends son this week. I plan to ship it out on Monday. I forgot how much I enjoy scrapping so I need to set aside some time to do so, we all know I have plenty of unfinished project to complete. : )
5. Looks like we will FINALLY be starting the remodeling around here. The drywall guy stopped by today to give us a price on replacing our bedroom ceiling. At this time it is wood with ceiling tiles in the center and I've grown tired of it so we are just putting up new drywall and painting to lighten it up a bit. We will also be removing the chair rail, painting the walls and trim and installing new carpet. : )  We are doing one room at a time so this place is going to be total chaos for awhile and yet, I'm so excited!

Have A Great Weekend,
Love & Hugs,