Monday, September 22, 2014

Running Out Of Time...

The SPSH ends tomorrow and I'm still short a few pictures. I hoping to find the last 4 items today but in case I do not I have one substitute to use. Here are a couple I did find.

#1 A sign welcoming people to your home town
(or a nearby town)
I looked high and low for something a little more interesting
but this is all I found. It is harvest season around here but
those beans aren't ready just yet. Must be a late crop!
#6 An urban street scene
This is a new urban building for artist. They just added
and opened a new brewery and the city now rents
 bikes for touring around town.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Bucket List...

Happy Fall! I love this time of year, the days and nights are cooler, the Orchards are open for business, the bees are buzzing around like crazy, the leaves are starting to change just a bit, pumpkins, mums and Halloween goodies are everywhere and last but not least....Christmas décor is in the stores. In my opinion its just a bit early for Christmas décor, I can't even think about Christmas for like another month or so. How about you?
Last week I noticed Fall Bucket List/Fall To-Do Lists showing up here and there. And since list making has become routine for me lately I made myself a Fall Bucket List adding in some things I've done in the past and some new things I'd love to try. Who knew one could accomplish so much just by adding it to a list! Here's my list...

 1. Make a front door wreath for Halloween/Fall.
 2. Send a package of Halloween goodies to my Aussie friend.
 3. Complete scarves for my sister. These were started before we moved.
 4. Go pick apples.
 5. Make apple pies with apples from #2. I own Bob a pie!
 6. Visit a pumpkin patch with the Grandbabies.
 7. Go on a hike at a local park.
 8. Photograph Fall foliage.
 9. Make homemade noodles. This may or may not be a good thing. I love homemade noodles.
10. Start a quilt. Materials purchased, starting out small.

How about you, any big plans or list to complete this Fall?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Settling In...

We've been in the new house just a little over three months and other than the basement and a few boxes left to unpack in the garage we are settling in quite nicely. Someday I'll share a few pictures of the inside. We've purchased a lot of new furniture and appliances which I love but there is still plenty of decorating to do. Most of the walls are blank, at this time we have a TV (in the great room), a shelf (in my craft room) and one small picture hanging in the guest bath. I have some old photos I like to hang in the study but I need to do some planning before I hang them.
My taste in décor is pretty simple, I like to keep things light and neutral with a bit of blue thrown in here and there. I've been shopping looking around for things I love but very little has came home with me. And since I have no plans to move again anytime soon I will keep looking and remain patient, someday that perfect something will show up.
Here are a few things I have found and love and will be getting soon.
I found this shelf I love for our nook. I've even found someone to build it, isn't it lovely. I'd also love to have a dough bowl like the one on the top shelf. I'm adding it to my Christmas list.
I love this stool for the master bath. I also love this one.
And as crazy as it sounds I want to change the backsplash in our kitchen to this. The one we choose when we built the house just isn't working for either of us.
Well, its Friday and the Mr. and I are getting ready to go out for the evening. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I feel Fall in the air and have made a Fall Bucket List, I'll share it soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another Bus And Item #8...

Sharing a couple of finds for the SPSH again today. Someday I'll blog about something different.

#20 A bus
This is the second one I shared but
I like this one better.

#8 A tattoo on a person
My Granddaughter @ Irish Fest
Airbrush Tattoo


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three Weeks To Go...

I found a couple of items for the SPSH over the weekend. And if I'm counting right I still have 5 more to find before the deadline which is just 3 short week away. I put a message out on FB to see if anyone knew a juggler and lo and behold one found me. He just so happens to be my step-son and I didn't even know he could juggle. I've also searched high and low for a bus with a picture painted on its sides, again not much luck. The one I did see was on the opposite side of the road and I was driving. Luckily, on that same day I noticed one sitting in a parking lot on the way back to work.

#15 A juggler
At work, in between jobs and with coffee creamer.
It was the only thing we could find that seemed to work. I don't know if you can tell by the quick
picture I had to take but he really can juggle.
#20 A bus (not a car, truck, lorry, camper or RV) with a
picture painted on its sides.
I waited to see if I could catch the gate open to get a clearer
picture but every time I drove by it was closed. Its a tailgate
bus for the Indianapolis Colts games.