Sunday, May 31, 2015

Low Key Retirement Party...

Some family members and a few friends stopped by on Saturday for a low key retirement party (my choice). There was lots of food, a favorite cake of mine from Ritters, a few drinks, lots of socializing, oh and it poured down rain. It was perfect and I do appreciate everyone taking time to stop by for a few hours. And since I'm usually the one taking pictures at the parties there aren't many to share. Here are two of the three that was taken, the other one really should not be shared anywhere.

My niece (Katie) and I.
My girls, daughter and granddaughter. My granddaughter
has learned how to photo bomb and makes sure to
bomb often.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Day (Retirement)...

Today is Bittersweet! I've worked here 40 plus years and its my last day as an employee. Once again, I'm going to miss this place (sniff, sniff)! Everyone that retires gets to hang their hard hat on the retirees wall (I did that today)! Some of the employee were happy for me and I'm sure some were happy to see me go. Don't worry guys, I'll be back! Not to work, just to visit.

The hanging of the Hard Hat!
Yes, its Pink!
The Office staff took me to lunch (fish and chips) my favorite and out for a few rounds of DuckPin Bowling. I've always wanted to try it, it was fun! They had to get back to work so we headed back, I handed over the keys, gave a few hugs (tears)! And off I went, just like that!!!

Office Staff
DuckPin Bowling

Handing over the keys!
That's my daughter, she's taking over my
position. I wish her the best. Trust me, its not
the easiest job.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Today I had a meeting with my financial planners, received some beautiful flowers (Thanks Becky) and boxed up and carried out my personal belongings. I've been counting the days for awhile and now that the end is near, I'm not feeling all that great about it.Tomorrow I hand over the keys and walk out the door for the last time as an employee. I will admit, it was hard to hold back the tears today. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm going to miss this place.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

New (Retirement) Car...

The Mr. decided that I needed a new car since I'll be retiring at the end of the month. We ordered it forever ago and was told that it was somewhere in the ocean on a ship headed to us. I was sure that the pirates had it but it finally made its way to the dealership and we picked it up today.

My new (retirement) car.
2015 Buick Encore

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy 25th to Us...

Today is our 25th Wedding Anniversary. And since we will celebrating next weekend instead of today, I had to have a picture to document the day. Here's to another 25!

Twenty Five Years Today

Monday, May 18, 2015

May in Indy...

I'm pretty sure everyone know what happens when its May in Indy. Yes, the Indy 500! We went out for practice yesterday and I got to see and talk to (through the fence, but still) my favorite driver, Will Power! We also took a hike over to the museum and ask a lady to take our picture by the fountain.

Will Power (My favorite)


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Our 3 Season Room...

Last year when building our house we had a covered porch added to the back with plans to enclose it ASAP. We decided on a 3 season room (no heat, no air) and although its only been completed a few days, we love it and plan to use it as much as possible.

During construction


A not so great picture of the furniture.
Windows on three sides, lots of sun coming in.
I need one of those fancy lenses to get a shot that
shows more of the room.