Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Day (Retirement)...

Today is Bittersweet! I've worked here 40 plus years and its my last day as an employee. Once again, I'm going to miss this place (sniff, sniff)! Everyone that retires gets to hang their hard hat on the retirees wall (I did that today)! Some of the employee were happy for me and I'm sure some were happy to see me go. Don't worry guys, I'll be back! Not to work, just to visit.

The hanging of the Hard Hat!
Yes, its Pink!
The Office staff took me to lunch (fish and chips) my favorite and out for a few rounds of DuckPin Bowling. I've always wanted to try it, it was fun! They had to get back to work so we headed back, I handed over the keys, gave a few hugs (tears)! And off I went, just like that!!!

Office Staff
DuckPin Bowling

Handing over the keys!
That's my daughter, she's taking over my
position. I wish her the best. Trust me, its not
the easiest job.


Paula... said...

wow 40+ years, that's amazing. What was it you did?

kdhopwood said...

It was a humid/hot day.... but totally worth it for you!

awad ngah said...

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