Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Falling Behind...

Here I go again...I'll catch up sooner or later. Maybe...seems I've been busy this month. The husband located a new park close to home, we visited it a couple of times over Labor Day weekend and have plans to visit it again this weekend if the weather cooperates. Note to self: Do Not roll down hills ever again. My class with CZ at BPS started (I'm falling behind a little but I will complete it). We had our third sleepover with our Granddaughter (you should see her dance). We've been going to some of our Grandsons football practices and games, they've yet to win but the little guys are fun to watch. We went to Irish Fest last weekend, perfect weather, good bread pudding, dancing and music. I've cleaned my scrap room and once again I've decided to start exercising. I've also started to write myself to do lists which really do help, go figure!
Today is the first day of Fall/Autumn, curious... what do you call this season? Anyway, it is my FAVORITE season. So I'd like to wish you all a Happy Fall. Enjoy!