Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little Quiz...

I saw this little quiz over at designerdigitals and decided it would be a good blog post for today.

Me Now...

I live...within my means
I family
I drink...too much diet coke
I many starchy foods
I watch...Lifetime TV
I wish...I had more time to play
I hope...this cold goes away quickly
I myself sometimes
I cry...on occasion
I wear...jeans most of the time
I walk...very fast when I'm cold
I fear...that things are not going to work out for the better

Now for the few of you that read this stuff...tag your it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Happy Mail...

Look what arrived on my front porch today...

Friday, January 1, 2010

My One Little Word for 2010...

Ali Edwards has been doing this for a few years and I've decided to play along this year. Last year my life seemed very hectic, crazy a bit unbalanced if you will so I've decided that my one little word for this year will be BALANCE. I'll be taking pictures thoughout the year and making them into a mini album.
A few months ago I signed up for Cathy Zielske's DYL class which started yesterday and already I'm a bit behind. I plan to work on that a little later today. I've also signed up for Stacy Julians LOM class at BPS which starts next month. And last but not least I ordered a Project Life kit from Becky Higgins to work on thoughout the year. Sounds like alot for a person trying to find some balance in her life but I'm hoping with all these things to do I can avoid the winter blues which I seem to get once the holidays are done. Besides that I recieved a really great Christmas present from my husband which will come in quite handy for all the above. Take a look...a Canon T1i...ain't she pretty and how bout that awesome camera strap which was order from

Here's to finding a little BALANCE...