Monday, March 30, 2009

Lazy Blogger Award...

If there is one I should get it :).
Our Granddaugher has been sick with RSV and has an ear infection in both ears. Poor Baby. You can read about it here. My dear daughter has been stressed to the max and I have been so worried about them and really don't know what to do to help. My daughter knows if she needs me I'm here. Anytime, Anyplace for Anything.
Our Grandson got his report card this month. All "O's" =Outstanding except 1 and it was an "S"=Satisfactory. He loves school and does so well. We gave him a few bucks for doing so well and he bought himself ad DS game.
I had my first CTMH workshop this month and received $40.00 in hostess rewards. Not bad but you can only choose certain items in the book to use your rewards on. WHY? I don't know but I don't like that about CTMH.
We spent one Saturday watching three of our Grandkids (yes there are more) play soccer, I'd love to have that much energy again.
I did join Facebook and have been trying to learn how it works because I wanted to take this class over at BPS. I've signed up for the class, ordered some scrapping supplies and am using Facebook a little so that when the class starts I'll be good to go. It doesn't start until May so I have plenty of time to prepare for the class. And as you all know I need to prepare for things.
I finally have my scraproom cleaned and organized. Now I just need this or something similar and I'll be one happy scrapper. The husband is planning on making me something similar, we'll see how that goes. He likes to cut corners, me not so much.
Easter is right around the corner so I need to gather some goodies for the Grandkids. Our Granddaughter has her Easter Dress and I still need to get our Grandson his outfit. He is on Spring Break this week and on Wednesday we will be having lunch (probably at the CheesCake Factory) and shopping for his Easter outfit.

Have a Great Week

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Check Him Out...

Air Anthony


We've finally recovered from the circus trip. LOL WOW was it busy. We were each put in charge of two kids. The husband had our Grandson and a wild child, the kid was all over the place. I had two sweet little girls, no trouble at all. Most of the kids were ready to leave half way through the circus. I think they were just more excited about going to Chuckie Cheeses. They never complained all at once we got there. I'll chaperone again, not so sure about the husband.

Circus Clowns


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Really-No Kidding...

Tomorrow my husband *gasp* and I are going to be chaperones for our Grandsons kindergarten class. We along with 12 other chaperones and 28 children are headed to the Shrine Circus and Chuckie Cheeses for pizza. I have been told that the whole school is going. The husband doesn't know this yet. LOL I cant' wait to see how he reacts when he finds out. After all he's the one that got us into this. I'm really excited about going and I know we will have a great time. I'll let you know how it goes. Off to watch Survivor and CSI :P

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yes..They Are Simple...

But that's how I scrap. I managed to get two pages done yesterday. Now that may not sound like alot to some of you but for me that really goooood. Mojo, maybe? I think I could have completed a couple more but ran short on time. It's amazing what a little planning can do. Go figure! LOL

My daughter calls these my Magic Boots. I love them, they are so very warm. Thanks Husband!

A little town not far from us had Scarecrows displayed at each store front. I love Scarecrows and just had to take a picture or two for scrappin.