Monday, July 29, 2013

A Nap, A Couple of Towers and Crafting...

Today I'm checking off a few more items for the SPSH. I've driven by that first tower below numerous times and never noticed it until I started this SPSH. I have the list on my phone and have become more aware of the items on it while out and about. I'll be sharing more soon. If your on the hunt....ENJOY!

#6 Someone or something taking a nap
#8 A tower
#8 A tower
#21 A photograph of you with an artistic tool or craft supply
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Doctors, Aches and Pains...

I try to eat healthy (for the most part), I exercise a little, keep a constant weight, get plenty of sleep, don't drink much and every time I go to the Dr. he tells me that I'm in excellent shape (his words, not mine) and yet its always another Dr. for something else. First he says" take this handful of pills to keep you healthy" (no prescribed ones) just vitamins, calcium, fish oil and a bayer aspirin each day. Next its a test for this or that, the last one being a bone scan. Results, osteopenia, more calcium, more exercise. OK simple enough, I can do that.
Earlier this month I had to go in for an annual check up. Ladies you know the one where they take your BP, temperature, weight, height, leave you in a cold room covered with paper and tell you the Dr. will be in shortly. Yes that one! So 10-15 minutes later, once your good and cold the Dr. comes in, does my exam, tells me once again that I'm in excellent shape BUT that I need to take this prescription, and come back in two weeks. So much for the excellent shape he told me about earlier. So, I leave the Dr., get the prescription filled, take it for seven days and go back in two weeks and get the same exact results. The prescription did not take care of the problem and now he tells me I need to see a Urologist. Of course, I asked the Dr. some questions about what the Urologist may look for, I DID NOT like what he had to say. I also talked with my sister the nurse whom was very positive and my dear niece googled it, read me what google had to say, some good, some not so much. I have an appointment schedule on August 1st, the earliest I could get in. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm really quite nervous about the appointment. Lately I've had more than my fair share of lower back pain, so maybe he'll get to the bottom of it and I can walk straight again.
In other news I've managed to hurt yet another part of my body. I'm not exactly sure how or what I've done, but it has something to do with the chest muscle or ribs on my right side. It hurts when I breathe, cough, laugh, etc. This may have something to do with lifting tables, five year olds and jumping off picnic table, who knows! I am getting older in years, yet I don't feel older, well except for right now with all these aches and pains which I hope will be healed up in no time at all.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Phone Photography Project...

I've been taking The Phone Photography Project over at BPC this month. It's a 31 day class using your phone and today marks a little more than the half way point. There is a daily prompt to follow which makes it quite simple. I'm amazed by some of the photos the class is posting...Awesome! I've gotten a couple of good ones myself and I thought I'd share them with you here today.

Hometown Tourist- it was a rainy day so we went inside.
Its a neat place to visit if you like this sort of thing.
This car was one of my favorites.


I jumped at least a dozen times but this was my third capture.
I found I cannot jump very high but I think you can tell I was off
the ground in this shot. I used the camera timer app to capture
this shot.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bunny Cloud...

Looking up the other day I noticed another item to check off my list. Go here to play along, its not to late. Today I'm checking off Item #12: a cloud in the shape of something. I see a bunny, mostly his head, how about you?

#12 A cloud in the shape of something (please specify what you see)

I'm hoping to go hunting with my rebel soon. The items I've captured so far were taken with my iphone.

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