Friday, August 31, 2012

Two Months...

Wow! I just realized that it has been two months since I've posted anything. So this post may get a little long but I want to document things for future reference.

7/1 We are still busy working on our bedroom. The husband has very little time for work at home.
7/2 We are going through a union audit at is taking forever.
7/3 I celebrated another birthday in which I'm struggling with at this time.
7/6 Got a call from my sister in Tennessee. My Mom had been in the hospital for a few weeks and while things were looking up she took a turn for the worse. We arrived around noon and she passed away around 6 p.m.
7/7 My sisters, brothers and I went to the funeral home to plan my Moms funeral. She had part of it taken care of beforehand so there were just a few things left for us to plan before her funeral.
7/10 My Moms funeral was today and I had the family over to my house for awhile afterwards.
7/14 I completed a mini album to document this year, starting in July 2012 and ending June 2013. It was a mini that I came across over at WCS.
7/18 I had my hair cut and colored today. Feeling a bit better, atleast the gray is gone for now.
7/20 Deuce has a grooming appointment today.
7/21 My sister and I visited an Ikea store for the first time today. OMG! I LOVE that place! I will be returning in the near future. I purchased a bed frame, curtains, curtain rods, a down comforter, an Expedit shelf for my craft room and lots of other goodies. She also purchased a few things. Good thing we took the husbands truck. I think she enjoyed our trip as she has already made another.
7/24 The husband visits the dentist for a cleaning and ends up scheduling a surgery for next month. I will not go into details here, I don't think he'd appreciate it much.
7/31 Home from work today...not feeling well.
8/1 Playing along here this month.
8/3 Vacation day today. The Grandson and I went out to lunch at our place (The Cheesecake Factory) and did some school shopping. We also took his Mom along with us this year.
8/4 My sister that lived with my Mom is in town visiting for awhile so we had a cookout to do some catching up.
8/6 Still working on the union audit....ugh!
8/7 Exercising again...I don't want to talk about it though!
8/9 Clearing out another bedroom to start work poor craft room is a wreck, you should see all the stuff I had to move just to sit at my desk to write this post.
8/17 Deuce has another grooming appointment today. I want to be my dog...he has it GOOD!
8/18 Bedroom furniture shopping today at Simply Amish. We walked into the store and I immediately turned to my husband and ask him if we could just refurnish the entire house...his reply...I don't think so.
8/20 Husband has oral surgery today. All went well and he hasn't even taken any pain medication. He's a tough one.
8/21 My Granddaughter turns 4 today......already. We celebrated her birthday dinner at a brewery...I know this sounds strange but she wanted carrot cake and they have the best there is! They also have a wonderful dinner menu. Oh...and lunch specials....Yum!
8/22 Another cut and color today. No more gray for now.
8/24 I took 1/2 day off work to visit with my sister, she will be leaving for Tennessee soon. :(
She may be coming back in October...I hope she can!
I also started using Wen cleansing/conditioner on my hair today. Its good..very good.
8/25 I ordered a couple of pieces for the bedroom from Simply Amish today. : )
8/25 My Granddaughers birthday party is today. Lots of little ones, a bounce house and cupcakes...what else could a kid ask for...atleast a 4 years old kid.
8/26 One last get together before my sister leaves for Tennessee. This time at my other sisters house. Sometimes its nice to not be the hostess. : )
8/27 Husband's first recheck appointment with oral surgeon today. Everything looks good but the stitches have to stay in for THREE MONTHS....WHAT! that sure seems like a long time to me.
8/28 Union audit....ugh....ugh...ugh! Really!
8/31 Long lunch with my BIL and daughter today at the brewery and the boss (my husband) let us girls leave work 45 minutes early today to start celebrating the Holiday weekend. : )
I think Isaac is going to give us some much needed rain this weekend. I took this picture of the sky before lunch today.

P.S. I hope to return to weekly blogging next month.
Have A Great Weekend,
Love & Hugs,