Friday, March 23, 2012


Anyone there? I seem to have lost track of time and haven't posted anything in awhile. 
Last week my dog grabbed something off the ground during his walk and ate half of it before the husband could get it away from him which resulted in a call to the vet. Two pills and 24 hours later hes just fine. Flat worms gone!

The husband and I purchased a new bed. We should receive it next week. Good sleep is on the way. However, we downsized to a queen and I need to get a new sheets, pillow cases and a headboard. I'll be shopping for the sheets and pillow cases this weekend.

The weather has been great this week. Temps in the 80's.

The flowering trees are Beautiful.

And while out shopping with my daughter this week. She suggested I eat something other than candy in the afternoon when I get tired. She suggested protein bars, I love them and they seem to do the trick.

I'm giving the homemade cleaners that are all over the internet a try this weekend. My daughter uses them and tells me they work well. Anyone else?

Have A Great Weekend,
Love & Hugs,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Holy Hail and Other News...

We had a bit of a hail storm about an hour ago. The husband and I rushed out to move our vehicles inside the warehouse. I also received a call from our home alarm company telling me that our glass break alarm went off and that dispatch was on its way. I immediately called them back to stop the dispatch as I'm pretty sure the hail storm was the problem.
This was the view out the front door of our office.

I hear it was much worse at home. I will see when I get home a little later today. Fingers crossed!

In other news...
After talking to the husband about some home improvements that I'd like to do we (his idea and it was a brief discussion) have decided to look around for a new house. We have lived in the same house for about 27 years. I've mentioned moving before and I received a flat out "NO" from him!!! The plan is to start looking around by the end of the month. Hopefully, he doesn't change his mind. I'm SUPER excited but first we have to sell our house which means I have alot to do to get it market ready. In the meantime, I may still shop around for new furniture and such.
I have my Granddaughter for the weekend so I'll be busy playing store, watching movies, bouncing at MonkeyJoes and going out to dinner.

Have A Great Weekend,
Love & Hugs,