Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Office and A Bride...

Our offices at work have been torn apart. My daughter and I had two small offices and hopefully within the next week we will have one big office. The wall is down (it was between the two windows) and drywall should be going up this week. We are sharing the bosses office at the present time...not fun...too crowded!

This weekend we had our Granddaughter overnight, did a little shopping and had lunch together. Here she is modeling one of her purchases from out little shopping spree. I sent this picture to her Mom and her response was "are you trying to give me a heart attack???" LOL

I hope you've all had a Great Weekend!
Love & Hugs,

Friday, January 13, 2012

I've Been Busy...

Working, exercising every day, eating better, purging my entire house (little by little), taking photos for Project 365+1, learning about "exposure" (I think I've got it figured out), taking photos with my iphone for Photo365, scrapping a little, trying to learn to edit photos in PSE10 (I plan to upload some this weekend), watching our Grandson play Basketball, having lunch with our Granddaughter, reading some photography class materials, enjoying our mild winter weather (well, I was until today!), thinking I should get some photos printed for Project Life, and I've been doing all this to try to keep from getting the Winter Blues! So far, so good! : )

Be Happy,
Love & Hugs,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Four New Things...

Four new things is something I started doing last year.You can read about it here. In 2011 I did this, tried this, did, tried and learned many things by doing this, and I did this. Very different this time around but I still learned a few new things. I wonder what this year will bring. We shall see!
I haven't gotten off to such a good start with P365+1 this year. I really haven't taken any decent photos yet! However, I do have some photos I can use for Project Life, so not all is lost. I probably should not have started out using a new lens (the Nifty Fifty). I've tried it out a couple of other times here and there but obviously not enough. I switched back to a lens I'm more comfortable with for the time being and I've been reading through some of my photography class notes for a little refresher. I do plan to use the Nifty Fifty again but first I need to practice with it a bit more.
I have set a couple of my plans for the New Year in motion. I've started to purge my home of unwanted things but I still have a long way to go. And I've also been working on Me. I've done some type of exercise every day this year and guess what, I still don't like it but I am already seeing results and feeling better.  All in all, I'd say my New Year is off to a pretty good start. How about yours?