Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Just A Minute In February...

Whoa...what happened to January! It seemed to fly by very fast even though we had extra super terrible really cold weather and plenty of snow. I for one am happy we've started a new month and that we are a little closer to Spring even though today we woke up to 7+ inches of fresh snow on top of ice but somehow it doesn't seem so bad...unsure why! (long sentence and maybe there should be a comma in there somewhere but I've got just a minute for a post so... here goes). snow again and again!

Listening to...a lot of Gary Alan lately! Good stuff!

Cooking...mostly for the husband. Peanut butter for me. : )

Eating...Peanut Butter...a lot! : )

Buying...things for the new house! Flooring, window coverings, etc.

Looking forward to...the builder starting on the new house! Come on weather...give us a break!

Sorry for the rambling, I seem to be
extra busy these days.
Hope all is well!