Monday, September 30, 2013

A Walk In The Woods...

While at a family get together, my sister and I decided to take a short walk through the woods. I dusted off the Rebel, set it on auto and hoped to see some signs of Autumn. Its still a bit early but we did find a few. We also loved the texture on the broken post, the little toad frog, the heart shaped plant and the tall tree that looked like a web of sorts up top. The weather was perfect and what started out as a short walk ended up being 2.5 miles. 


Autumn is my favorite season. Do you have a favorite?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Gathering Thoughts And Moments Of The Week...

It may seem that I'm ignoring this old blog but that just not the case. As the title says I'm "gathering thoughts." I've been busy this week, I've started exercising again which feels so good. I'm still in the process of getting my craft room back together which is slow much stuff, mostly printed pictures from the last 30 yrs., scrapbook stuff and yarn and ... once I become interested in a craft I kind of go overboard. I've been shopping like a mad woman for a quilt but so far I haven't found the perfect one! And as soon as I settle for an O.K. one I'll find the perfect one, happens all the time. Does this ever happen to you? I also don't want to bore anyone visiting here so I'm "gathering thoughts", dusting off the Rebel (shame on me) and hoping to post more often about the going ons here at ID. Family and friends, please be patient. TIA

LOL Moment...
Yesterday while eating dinner the husband picked up my Better Homes and Gardens magazine. While flipping through the pages, he paused, turned to me and said "Why is Miley Cyrus in this oh that's not her, that's a twerkie." Turns out that he was looking at page 146 on how to roast a chicken. Good thing I had finished my dinner!

Big weekend plans here,
Enjoy yours,

Friday, September 20, 2013

Last Two Items...Found!

I've finally located the last two items on the SPSH list. Its been fun locating and taking pictures of all the items this Summer. I've also enjoyed seeing photos from others playing along. I'll have to remember to play along again next Summer. I managed to find all 21 items plus the 2 bonus items. If you'd like to see all my finds, go here.

#11 An animal in a zoo, aquarium, nature preserve, etc.
An Angel fish at a local pet store.
#19 A fisherman
This fisherman is part of the largest paint by number mural
You can read about it here.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Other Bonus Item....

Still only two more items to find. However, I did find the other Bonus Item on the list. Its actually me wearing my U.S.A. shoes. They are a favorite of mine but I only pull them out for special occasions.

A person wearing an outfit (or item of clothing) that
symbolizes your country

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Three Down...Two To Go..

Its getting down to the wire now and I've still got two more items to find. No fisherman in sight...yet!
#1 Open air market
This one was at our 18th Annual Irish Fest

#17 Candle(s)
My sister gave this candle to me many years ago.
It came in the neatest handmade box.
I can't bring myself to burn it and I've not seen
another one like it.

#18 Your local pub/bar, coffee house or tea shop
We've never stopped in but pass by it often.
Its a small place but it always seems to be very busy.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Bonus Item...Found!

I still have five of the original Scavenger Hunt items to find but I did manage to find one of the Bonus items this week. I also know where I can find the other bonus item. I hope to finish up sometime this week.

A sundial
Not one but two, found at a local nursery.
I love the first one and considered buying it.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

A Good Week For Hunting...

Although my leg has been giving me trouble and we've been busy with the house lately, I did manage to find a few items for the Scavenger Hunt. Someday soon I plan to do some regular weekly posts here but for now it is what it is. These were all found in downtown Indy.
#2 Theater for performing arts (not a movie theater)
The husband and I went here to see Scrooge
a few years ago.

#3 City Hall, Capitol or other similar civic building
This is our Capitol Building, front view.

#3 City Hall, Capitol or other similar civic building
This is our Capitol Building, side view. I love this view.

#15 A fire truck or police car
Tic, tac, toe. Three police cars in a row.

# 20 A dinosaur
This display sits by the corner of the Indianapolis Children Museum.


#20 A dinosaur
These two are sticking there heads inside the museum to take
a look around.


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